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Hey 👋 I'm Rob.

I'm a filmmaker by intent, a video editor by trade. A curious learner by instinct, a storyteller by purpose.

Diffracting is my place to share personal observations and thought explorations on media, work, education, and storytelling; on making a living and making a life.

Diffraction is the process of waves spreading around obstacles. Light bending around the edge of an object. It takes place with light, sound, and very small particles.

When a beam of light falls on the edge of an object, it will not continue in a straight line but will be slightly bent by the contact, causing a blur at the edge of the shadow of the object. [Source]

I find diffraction a beautiful metaphor for the way we interact with ideas - or rather, the way ideas spread through and around us. Just like each object in the way of a wave of light will interfere with it differently, ideas that collide with our individual sum of experiences will then propagate in distinct ways.

(It's an imperfect metaphor, because it implies no change in the interfering object - whereas I believe that ideas can deeply change us. But I failed sixth grade physics, so what do I know?)

I am curious about many things, but what I consistently strive to learn about are four core questions:

  • How does media (and technology) influence our lives?
  • How is education evolving to meet the changing needs of a society fundamentally transformed by technology?
  • How is work shifting to meet our needs for making a living, and purpose?
  • How do the stories we live in and the stories we live with make and break our lives?

Thank you for reading!